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Recording of the start of our set at Sleazy’s in November (dance version).

Filming, editing and dub by Chris Pacitti of Patchwork.


Thanks to everyone at Rough Cut Nation and the National Portrait Gallery

Photo by Andy Lobban

23More free shit

Check out our freebie section on bandcamp for some new demos 


This Saturday, we will be playing at Nice'n'Sleazy as part of their 20 Years of Sleaze month. With us will Olympic Swimmers and Kathryn Swayers. It’s 5 quid on the door and start at 7.30pm, come down and have some fun

25Rough Cut Nation

We played an amazing event at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh for the Rough Cut Nation exhibition in 2009. They have put a book together which will be launching Friday 9th December, where we will be playing in the main hall with it’s new face lift. It’s a free event and the book is worth a buy. 

For more information click here.

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